Look What You Missed (Meeting)

Look at some of what you missed this past 2015-2016 Monthly Meeting Season:

Edward G. Wenz Jr., Contractors Training Institute LLC
Speaker Edward G. Wenz Jr. of the Contractors Training Institute LLC discussed how the EPA Renovation, Repair, & Painting (RRP) Lead Renovator applies to companies, employees/subcontractors, current problem jobs, EPA fines, etc. He will discuss state of Michigan issues, how to be compliant, and don't get fined.

Rudy Leatherman, HBBPro Sales Group
Rudy Leatherman, Technical Training Manager for HBBPro Sales Group discussed proper combustion testing procedures for residential and commercial gas fired heating equipment and common sources and myths of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning; how to properly interpret flue gas oxygen, stack temperature CO and CO air free measurements; verifying proper flue gas oxygen, stack temperature and CO air-free levels to help ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation.

Brynn Cooksey, CMS, RCT
Brynn Cooksey, CMS, RCT discussed "De-Mystifying Integrated Furnace Controllers" &mash; understanding how these controllers work and how to handle and troubleshoot them, which can help save time and money for both the service technician and manufacturer.

Dan Potter, Refrigeration Solutions
Dan Potter of Refrigeration Solutions discussed "Why Compressors Fail" and included:
  • Refrigerant Review
  • Lubricant concerns
  • Compressor Type and Application
  • Diagnosing Compressor Failure

"2015 Michigan Residential Code" Class
The 2016 Spring Trade Show & Educational Expo included a special "2015 Michigan Residential Code" Update Class which featured highlights of the changes to the code presented by Michigan and Southeast Michigan Air Conditioning Contractor Association and the Michigan Mechanical Inspectors Association &mash; and attended by over 110 HVAC contractors and inspectors.

Rudy Leatherman, HBBPro Sales Group
Rudy Leatherman, Technical Training Manager for HBBPro Sales Group returned by popular demand to discuss A/C Refrigeration Recovery & System Evacuation and points included:
  • Vacuum hose size diameter/type and influence on system evacuation
  • Refrigerant recovery tips and techniques
  • Vacuum Pump Oil changes and effects on moisture removal
  • The importance of using a micron gauge and micron gauge maintenance
  • Properly interpreting micron gauge readings
  • Properly using valve core removal tools
  • What micron gauge readings are required & why are they important
  • 410A refrigerants/POE oil and moisture
See what you missed? These and MORE topics have been covered this past year.