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Our First Monthly Meeting is Scheduled!
Wednesday, September 9th
Mama Mia's in Livonia
(See Monthly Meeting for details)

Newly Revised Confined Space Rule

In an August 10th, 2015 issue of The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News, "On May 4, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a long-awaited final rule affecting the training requirements for employees working in confined spaces in construction, which now includes attics and crawlspaces — areas where HVAC equipment is frequently located. The rule, which took effect Aug. 3 and will be enforceable after Oct. 2, adds a new subpart to the existing rule and includes a permit program designed to protect employees from exposure to the many hazards associated with work in confined spaces, including atmospheric and physical hazards.

While some industrial and commercial HVACR contractors are already acclimated to the OSHA requirements, which have long applied to confined spaces, such as tunnels and man holes, they, along with residential HVAC contractors, will need to make sure they are on top of the new requirements.

For a full description of the rule and explanation visit the OSHA webpage at https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/confinedspaces/.

 Our 2015 Trade Show & Educational Expo is history...

...and it was a huge success! Check back for photos and details.
But for now, check out our YouTube video:


Common Michigan Code Violations


The following is a list compiled by Mechanical Inspector Bill Moy at his most recent May 6th meeting:

Truss Loading: Roof Top Equipment (MMC 302.1/302.4)

Ventilation Required: RTU Replacement (MMC 401.1)

Flue Exhaust: 10' Minimum to Fresh Air Intakes (MMC 401.4)

Ventilation Air Requirements (MMC 403.3)

Exhaust Fan Discharge: Within 3' of Ventilated Section of Soffit (MMC 501.3.2)

Plenums: Combustibles (PVC Pipe, Alarm/Computer Wires) (MMC 602.2.1)

Stud Cavities: From More than One Floor-Outside Wall (MRC 1601.1.1/MMC 602.3)

Insulation Shield (IFGC 502.4/MMC 802.8)

Commercial Appliances for Residential Use (IFGC 623.2/MMC 917.2)

Extend Supply Air Toe Kick to Front of Cabinets (Flame Spread) (MRC 1601.1)

Furnace Removal From Masonry Chimney Without Re-sizing for Existing Water Heater (MRC 1801.3.1)

Gas Piping for Townhouses: Cannot Extend into Connecting Units (IFGC 404.3)

Duct Insulation: Attic Areas, R-8, All Other Areas R-6 (Energy Code 403.2.1)

Duct Sealing (Energy Code 403.2.2)

Mechanical Ventilation: Dampers (Energy Code 403.5)

Flue Exhaust: Located 12' Above Grade and Anticipated Snow Level (Manufacturer Installation Requirement)